Hi, I’m Marissa!

I’m an ambiverted, straight-no-chaser, adventurous lifestyle blogger.  For as long as I can remember writing has come naturally to me.  I went from writing adventure-based short stories as a little girl, to winning creative writing contests in grade school, to ultimately finding my niche – writing as the relatable ‘best-friend-in-your-head’; unfiltered, animated, silly, and sarcastic… AF.

Unicorn in Brooklyn is dedicated to my love for Brooklyn and my experiences in it.  While here, you can expect to laugh, be inspired, and find motivation as I candidly write about my dating debacles, romantic relationships, love, sex/erotica, traveling, mental health, Brooklyn centric restaurants, and more.

I look forward to sharing the musings of my mind and regularly engaging with you the only way that I know how – as a carefree, idealistic, vivacious, enchanting, mo’phuckin UNICORN.